Which Mould To Use?

The plastic mould range is used for casting plaques, wall hangings, picture frames, frig magnets, in fact any product that has a flat back. They are a very economical, starting in price at $5.95 (with discounts for quantity) and are very easy to handle and pour.

Casting Plaster is recommended for use with these moulds as it has a hard surface to resist chipping and accepts paint readily. Ideal for use for children's parties or entertainment.

The moulds are made of white food grade PVC plastic and must be level when poured to ensure a flat back. They are usually supported on a towel or something similar. We have developed a mould holder, ideal for supporting both the small and medium-sized hobby moulds in a horizontal position.

Full instructions are included with every mould giving the correct method of mixing and casting plaster to ensure perfect results every time.

Latex moulds
We make these moulds with a natural flexible latex rubber that includes UV protection to lengthen the life of the moulds, which are sensitive to prolonged exposure to sunlight. When cast with casting plaster they produce beautiful 3-D figures, ideal for children's parties and are much prized when painted, as room ornaments.

Though not quite as easy to cast and remove the finished figures from the moulds as for the plastic series but are much more highly detailed.

To support these moulds when casting we usually recommend customers to use a cardboard carton, marking the shape of the base of each mould on the upper side of the box and cutting the marked hole out with a tapered saw blade. This will support the mould upright making casting a lot easier.

When hard the casting can be removed from the mould by smearing the outside of the mould with soap or detergent solution. The casting slips out much like removing your foot from a sock.

Silicone Moulds
We will be increasing this range of moulds with new designs over the next year. Ideal for casting soap and most resins, they are being increasingly used by craft artisans for making resin jewellery, decorative soaps, in fact anything that requires maximum detail and relief.

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